God's Vision for the Rest of Your Life

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Delivered on 3/21/2005

Pastor Rick encourages us to embrace God's purposes for our lives in this first sermon. He offers five benefits of a church family and the importance of remembering all God has done for us. He delivered Saddleback's 25th anniversary message at Angel Stadium where he publicly launched the global P.E.A.C.E. Plan.

Messages include:

  1. Easter 2005: Embracing the Vision (Rick Warren)
  2. Why You Need a Church Family (Rick Warren)
  3. What God Wants Us to Remember (Tom Holladay and Rick Warren)
  4. Extending the Vision (Rick Warren)
  5. Enabling the Vision: Purpose Driven Giving (Rick Warren)
  6. How to Get Ready to Be Used by God (Rick Warren)
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