Good News for a Change

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This series helps us get our minds and hearts ready for Easter as we learn how the Good News of Jesus is the change our world needs. Pastors Tommy Hilliker, Lee Strobel, and Buddy Owens teach these inspiring messages leading up to Resurrection Sunday.

Messages include:

  1. How Jesus Changes Everything
  2. A Skeptic's Surprise
  3. God Has a Better Plan
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How Jesus Changes Everything

By Tommy Hilliker
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Delivered on 03/06/2016

Part 1 of the series Good News for a Change

Pastor Tommy Hilliker teaches from Luke 4:18-19 on how Jesus changed everything at Easter, and how he can still change everything in our lives and the lives of those around us, giving hope to the hopeless, healing to the broken and release to the captives.

A Skeptic's Surprise

By Multiple Teachers
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Delivered on 03/13/16

Part 2 of the series Good News for a Change

Lee Strobel decided at an early age that there was no God. As a skeptic majoring in journalism and law he had decided that the most logical way to live life was to follow hedonism — the pursuit of pleasure. Lee lived a self-proclaimed life that was highly immoral, self-destructive, selfish, drunken and rage filled. Once his wife became a Christian, he had a choice to make and decided to use his journalistic training to investigate the truth of Christianity. He found all his questions came down to one: "Did Jesus return from the dead?" Pastor Strobel tells his own story in this moving testimony of how he came to faith.

God Has a Better Plan

By Buddy Owens
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Delivered on 03/20/2016

Part 3 of the series Good News for a Change

Making solid plans sets you on a path to succeed, however there are times when our plans fall apart. During the first Easter, the followers of Jesus felt let down as the events of Jesus' trial and execution shattered their hopes and expectations. Little did they realize God had a bigger plan in the works. Pastor Buddy Owens shows us that God always has a purpose and a plan even when our most organized and thought-out plans fail.