I Am the Door

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Rick Warren

Saddleback Church’s Good Friday and Easter services are all about the freedom that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus mean for us. On Good Friday, Pastor Rick teaches what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross, and what the words “It is finished” mean for our lives. And on Easter Pastor Rick uses John 10:9 where Jesus said, “I am the door! Everyone who comes in through me will be saved!” to teach us what Jesus has freed us from through his death and resurrection.

Messages include:

  1. Good Friday 2018:The Job Has Been Completed
  2. Easter 2018: Walking Through the Door to Freedom
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Good Friday 2018: The Job Has Been Completed

By Rick Warren
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Delivered on 03/30/2018

Part 1 of the series I Am the Door

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get everything finished in your life? Maybe you don’t have enough time, energy, or money to get it all done. In this message, Pastor Rick talks about the three most powerful words spoken by Jesus on the cross: “It is finished.” You’ll learn five things he finished through his death, and how the cross can bring you new life. Find out how Christ’s sacrifice canceled our debt, defeated our fear, broke Satan’s power, created a family, and guaranteed salvation. Don’t miss this life-changing message on Good Friday.


Easter 2018: Walking Through the Door to Freedom

By Rick Warren
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Delivered on 04/01/2018

Part 2 of the series I Am the Door

Some words are spoken and forgotten immediately. Other words are spoken and only gain power as time goes on. Two thousand years ago, when Jesus said, “I am the Door,” it was a shocking, staggering, and even confusing statement. But it was also unforgettable. In this Easter message from Pastor Rick, you’ll hear how these four words point to the hope, peace, and power you’re searching for. Learn how Jesus was, and still is, the Door to your destiny.