Loving Like Jesus in a Fractured World

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It seems like our culture is in a downward spiral. Our communities feel more fractured, polarized, and divided than ever before. You turn on the TV and find pundits yelling at each other; on the internet, people demonize one another; individuals that have been harassed or abused have been forced into silence and shame. How are we supposed to react? How can we be agents of love in the face of so much pain and hate? Throughout the series, Loving Like Jesus in a Fractured World, you’ll learn how to love like Jesus to bring hope and healing to wounded people, fractured relationships, and divided communities.

Messages include:

  1. Loving Like Jesus in a Fractured World 
  2. Loving the People You Might Overlook 
  3. Representing Jesus and His Kingdom 
  4. Helping People Heal from Sexual Abuse
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