Marriage Matters

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Delivered on 8/31/1997

Pastor Rick brings over twenty years of experience into this series on marriage. He teaches on how God guides us in our decision whether or not to marry, and on finding the right mate. He looks at what goes wrong in a marriage, and how to do a marriage makeover. He counsels us on how to pull a marriage together when conflict has pulled it apart. He teaches us how to fan the flame of romance, and finally, when a marriage ends, he talks to us about what to do with a broken heart. Pastor Fields teaches on marriage for the long term, how to stay in love.

Messages include:

  1. Finding the Love of Your Life (Rick Warren)
  2. When You've Married the Wrong Person (Rick Warren)
  3. Pull Together When You're Pulled Apart (Rick Warren)
  4. Fanning the Flame of Romance (Rick Warren)
  5. When a Marriage Ends (Rick Warren
  6. How to Stay In Love (Doug Fields)
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