Peace on Earth

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During the Christmas season, we sing songs about peace on earth and goodwill towards men. But how is peace accomplished? How can you have peace in your life and relationships, and how can there be peace in our world where refugees and others experience suffering and persecution? Pastor Tom Holladay, Derwin Gray, and Johnnie Moore teach our pre-Christmas series, Peace on Earth, a three-part series that will inspire and encourage you to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Messages include:

  1. Peace Through Reconciling With Others
  2. Peace Through Praying for Others
  3. Sharing the Good News
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Peace Through Reconciling with Others

By Derwin Gray
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Delivered on 12/05/2015

Part 1 of the series Peace on Earth

Pastor Derwin Gray from Transformation Church in South Carolina teaches us how to let Jesus transform us into peacemakers through His powerful transforming grace.

Peace Through Praying for Others

By Johnnie Moore
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Delivered on 12/13/2015

Part 2 of the series Peace on Earth

What can we do in the face of tragedy and the atrocities that plague the earth? Terrorism, the refugee crisis, famine, disease, and war often seem like insurmountable issues. Johnnie Moore teaches us how we can face these evils head on through the power of prayer and through our actions as we care for those who are suffering. Moore is a respected author, speaker, and religious consultant that has led the charge against Christian persecution throughout the Middle East.

Sharing the Good News

By Tom Holladay
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Delivered on 12/20/2015

Part 3 of the series Peace on Earth

What does the good news of Christmas have to do with peace, and how would you even share it with someone? In the midst of all the holiday busyness, it's good to pause and consider how we might include everyone in the celebration. Discover how sharing the Good News brings peace as we continue the Peace on Earth series with Pastor Tom Holladay. You will learn how a simple invitation or sharing an encouraging message with someone you know this Christmas can change a life.