Radicalis: Developing Spiritual Roots

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Pastor Rick and the teaching team look at radical living in this series; not fanatical, but radical, which means "from the roots — rooted in the original". What would happen in our lives if we really took Jesus seriously? How productive would we be if our roots were deep in him? Pastor Rick teaches how our attitudes of gratitude, faith, joy, love, hope, and generosity can reflect Jesus through us.

Messages include:

  1. Thanksgiving 2009: Radical Gratitude (Rick Warren)
  2. Radical Faith (Rick Warren)
  3. Radical Joy (Rick Warren)
  4. Radical Love (Rick Warren)
  5. Radical Hope (Rick Warren)
  6. The Miracle: Radical Generosity (Rick Warren)
  7. Radical Freedom (Rick Warren)
  8. Radical Mercy (Tom Holladay)
  9. Radical Presence (Tommy Hilliker)
  10. Radical Endurance (Kurt Johnston)
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