Skills for Living with Purpose

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Delivered on 9/22/1996

In this series Pastor Rick looks at God's purpose for our lives, and the benefits of living a purpose-driven life. He teaches how to lay a foundation of values for life and emphasizes the importance of ministry in a message that teaches how God shapes us for service. He teaches how to discover, organize around and sustain our life mission. He looks at the types of relationships that we need to support this life mission and finally he gives us the tools we need to finish the race, to complete the mission that God has given us.

Messages include:

  1. What On Earth Am I Here For?
  2. Deciding What's Important
  3. Building On My Strengths
  4. Committing My Life
  5. Defining My Life Mission
  6. Organizing My Time
  7. Sustaining My Mission
  8. Supporting My Mission
  9. Finishing the Race
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