The Gospel of John Part 1

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Tom Holladay
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Series delivered 11/01/1995

This is the first of two sets of messages which are a verse-by-verse study of the book of John. By examining the three dimensions of who Jesus really is — his physical life, the spiritual life he demonstrates, and the eternal life he offers — we learn about the spiritual and eternal meanings behind what is happening in the world. This well-loved book deepens and strengthens our trust in Jesus Christ in a way that goes beyond informational to transformational.

  1. In the Beginning: John 1:1-18
  2. John the Baptist: John 1:19 -34, 3:22-30
  3. Following Jesus: John 1:35-51
  4. Read the Sign Carefully: John 2:1-11
  5. Jesus Cleans Temples: John 2:12-25
  6. How to Make a Spiritual Success: John 3:1-15
  7. The Gift: John 3:16
  8. Communicating the Good News: John 4:1-42
  9. Deepening Your Faith: John 4:43-54
  10. How God Helps Us: John 5:1-18
  11. Living a Whole Life: John 5:10-47
  12. The Lesson of the Loaves: John 6:1-15
  13. Faith That Works: John 6:15-29
  14. Developing a Faith That Will Last: John 6:60-71
  15. Are You Thirsty? John 7
  16. Grace Forgiving Light For Living: John 8:1-30
  17. The Truth Will Set You Free: John 8:31-59
  18. Getting Spiritual Sight: John 9
  19. Where the Grass Is Really Greener: John 10:1-13
  20. Trust Training: John 10:14-42
  21. Back to Life: John 11:1-53
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