The Purpose Driven Family

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All of us want to be part of a healthy family. No matter your life stage — married, single, parent, grandparent, or empty nester — you want to be surrounded by a tribe of people who support you, love you, and help you pursue a meaningful life. In this series, Pastor Rick and our teaching team share what the Bible says about building a healthy, purpose-driven family. In a world where parents are stressed and overloaded, and kids are often confused by the mixed messages they receive from culture, discover how to grow a family that lives according to God’s purposes.

Messages include:

  1. How to Bring Out the Best in Kids (or anyone else) Pt 1
  2. How to Bring Out the Best in Kids (or anyone else) Pt 2
  3. Love Powered Parenting
  4. What Every Kid Needs
  5. The Prodigal Love of the Father
  6. How to Build a Remarkable Life
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