Unshakable: Thriving No Matter What Hits You

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Have you ever felt pressured to make choices that don't align with your values? As the world's values continue to drift, you need to be equipped with the resources to handle whatever life throws at you. In the Unshakable series based on the life of Daniel, you'll discover how to handle life's most difficult situations. The principles that guided Daniel through precarious life choices will help you learn how to respond when you feel pressured to make wrong choices, want to thrive in a hostile environment, succeed when you're asked to do the impossible, stand strong for God publicly, and pray the kind of prayers that God answers.

Messages include:

  1. When Your World is Shaken Up
  2. When You're Pressured to Conform
  3. When Your Beliefs are Belittled
  4. When You're Asked to Do the Impossible
  5. When the Heat is On
  6. When God Tests You With Success
  7. Are You Learning From Those Who Came Before You?
  8. Will You Stand Strong for God Publicly
  9. The Kind of Prayer God Answers
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