Upside Down Living

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Delivered on 7/18/2004

In this 7-part series, the Saddleback teaching team looks at Jesus' counter-cultural sayings and statements — guaranteed to turn life upside down. Topics include: how humility should shape our lives; the Church and the Great Commission; the value of marriage; how to control our anger; offer forgiveness; what God wants from us; and how to think about money.

Messages include:

  1. The Secret to Greatness (Tom Holladay)
  2. You Are Invited... (Lance Witt)
  3. The Value of Marriage (Tom Holladay)
  4. When Anger Wins (Doug Fields)
  5. Forgive But Don't Forget (Doug Fields)
  6. What Does God Want From Me? (Lance Witt)
  7. How to Think About Money (Tom Holladay)
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