40 Days of Community Study Kit

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For six weeks Rick Warren will show you how we were never meant to live life alone and how our purposes are fulfilled together, in community.

What on Earth are we here for? Based on the New Testament "one another's" will help your small group or ministry experience relational renewal. Each week you will discover how we can love, reach out, fellowship, grow, serve, and worship together. Cultivate deeper relationships with those around you as you discover how we are Better Together.

In each 20-minute session you will learn a new purpose, its biblical support, how it applies to your life and how you can use it to benefit the Kingdom of God.

Sessions include:

  1. What Matters Most

  2. Reaching Out Together

  3. Belonging Together

  4. Growing Together

  5. Serving Together

  6. Worshiping Together

NOTE: If you plan on enjoying this series in a small group, please make sure that each participant has their own study guide. Additional study guides can be purchased.

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