The Keys to a Blessed Life Study Kit

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Unlock the blessed life that's yours in Jesus Christ!

The Keys to a Blessed Life study kit shows your church members how to live in such a way that invites God's blessings.

All believers can access the abundant life that's theirs in Jesus Christ. And this 6-session DVD study based on Christ's teachings in the Beatitudes will help your church walk in the path of divine blessing so they can experience peace and fulfillment in life, work, and relationships.

Your church will be encouraged by these Bible-based messages:

  • Session 1: It Depends On Who You Depend On [26:19]

  • Session 2: How God Blesses Broken Hearts [27:32]

  • Session 3: The Strength of Gentleness [26:03]

  • Session 4: Your Ministry of Mercy [27:31]

  • Session 5: How to Reconcile a Relationship [28:14]

  • Session 6: Handling Opposition to Your Faith [27:33]

Get The Keys to a Blessed Life study kit today — and help your church unlock the blessed life God promises!

[Closed Captioned]

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