Finding New Life from the Empty Tomb of Jesus Download

Rick Warren
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Easter is one of those times of the year that gives pastors and church leaders the unique opportunity to minister to more unbelievers than they may throughout the entire year.

This year, we want to hand you 10 sermons and all of the supplemental teaching aids you can use not just for Easter Sunday . . . but also before, during, and after the Easter season.

In this series, you’ll get access to these sermons:

  • Easter 1993: Experience Freedom This Easter!
  • Easter 1989: Easter Power for Confident Living
  • Easter 1997: What Does Easter Prove?
  • Easter 2019: How the Resurrection Gives us Hope
  • Easter 2018: Walking Through the Door to Freedom
  • Easter 2003: Time for a Fresh Start
  • Easter 2006: How to Be Certain You're Going to Heaven
  • Easter 1999: How Much Does God Care About Me
  • Easter 2016: Easter Means It's a New Day of Mercy
  • Easter 2002: Come Alive This Easter

We’re also including all the tools you need to use for each message — transcripts, outlines, Talk It Over conversation starters, and Powerpoint slides (where available).

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