Everything is Possible With God Small Group DVD

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Would you like your faith to be stronger? Like exercise strengthens and develops a muscle, this six-session video study from Pastor Rick Warren helps you recognize, understand, and cooperate in the predictable patterns and processes God uses to strengthen your faith and develop your character.

This six-week study looks at your faith. Is it strong or weak? Is it steady or stretched? Its an important question, because theres a lot riding on your answer. More importantly, would you like your faith to be stronger? Your Faith is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised and developed. And God uses a predictable pattern and process to build your faith. Its what Pastor Rick calls the Six Phases of Faith. Once you understand these six phases, you can cooperate with God in the process of strengthening your faith and building your character.

Sessions include:

  • How God Builds Your Faith

  • God's Dream For Your Life

  • How to Make Wise Decisions

  • Delayed by Design

  • How to Deal With Difficulty

  • From Dead End to Deliverance

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