Intentional Parenting Small Group DVD

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10 Ways To Be An Exceptional Parent In A Quick Fix World

Every parent has dreams for their children. As parents, we all start out with the best intentions. Although, at some point, we move from DREAMS to DUCT TAPE and hope that each day everything will just stick together. Raising kids in today’s culture is a difficult challenge and it requires a plan. Without a plan, parents usually default to Quick-Fix Parenting. Let’s face it: it’s just easier to focus on immediate problems rather than deal with the deeper and more important ones. Surviving each day is much easier than taking the time and energy to consider how parenting actions impact a child’s future. We get it. To be an exceptional parent, you need to be an intentional parent. But, don’t worry! You’re not alone and Doug and Cathy are here to help. They’re veteran parents who can help you move from Quick-Fix Parenting to Intentional Parenting.

Sessions include:

  • Strong Belief & 24/7 Modeling [7:05]

  • Encouraging Words & Genuine Affection [8:33]

  • Consistent Presence & Peaceful Home [8:01]

  • Delicate Discipline & Activate Responsibility [8:24]

  • Positive Memories & Serious Fun [9:00]

  • BONUS: 5 Discussion Videos with Doug and Cathy Fields

It’s never too late to become an intentional parent. Remember, you are the GREATEST influence on the life of your child (no matter their age)! And it can all begin with these resources. Let’s walk this important journey — together.

The Intentional Parenting Small Group DVD is designed to be used with the Intentional Parenting Workbook.


Doug and Cathy Fields have been married over 30 years and have 3 grown children in their 20's. Their primary passion and joy have been family, but along the way they spent their years helping others — especially young people. The have worked at both Mariners and Saddleback Church in Southern California for 3 decades as youth, family, and teaching pastors. Doug is an author (60+ books), consultant, co-founder of, and he is the Director of Homeword's Center for Youth & Family at Azusa Pacific University.

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