The Keys to a Blessed Life

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Have you ever thought about, what in the world does that mean? What’s a blessing? How do you define a blessing?  Would you know if a blessing if it slapped you in the face?

The word “bless” in the Bible is the Greek word makarios it’s the word for “happy.” To be blessed is to be happy. To have a blessing is to have happiness in your life. When Jesus talks about you’re blessed if you do this, he’s saying you’ll be happy if you do this. It’s the exact same word. 

In his most famous sermon, the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus begins by talking about eight ways to be blessed by God. God wants you to be happy, but the truth is that most of us aren’t.

As we study Scripture, we find that the problem isn’t with God; the problem is with us. God wants to bless your life, you just have to get bless-able.  A lot of us don’t live lives in ways that God can bless. God isn’t going to bless sin.  God isn’t going to bless arrogance.  God isn’t going to bless indifference.  There are a lot of things God will not bless. 

The good news is that Jesus does teach us the eight conditions for receiving God’s blessing in our lives.

Messages include:

  1. It Depends On Who You Depend On
  2. How God Blesses Broken Hearts
  3. The Strength of Gentleness
  4. Why You Need to Stay Hungry
  5. Your Ministry of Mercy
  6. God Blesses a Heart of Integrity
  7. How to Reconcile a Relationship
  8. Handling Opposition to Your Faith
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