When You Need a Miracle

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Pastor Rick teaches this series just weeks before Saddleback’s first land purchase. He begins with a message called How to Face Incredible Odds, from 2 Chronicles 20, the story of Jehoshaphat. The next week he teaches his congregation standing on the land they planned to purchase in a message that kicked off Saddleback’s first capital giving campaign, Possess Our Land. Although this message is specific to Saddleback Church, it is a good model for use in a giving campaign for growing churches. The next message looks at Matthew 8:23-27, and what to do when we face the storms of life. The last message looks at the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000, as he looks at four steps to a miracle. This Possess Our Land campaign continues in the series called The Ultimate Lifestyle.

Messages include:

  1. How to Face Incredible Odds
  2. Seeing with the Eyes of Faith
  3. What to Do When Your Ship Is Sinking
  4. How God Turns a Little into a Lot
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