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Do you want to build healthy, long-term relationships? Relationships can often be challenging. Even minor conflict with family and friends can create deep rifts in our relationships. The good news us we have the power to control the issues affecting our relationships. Closer, taught by an amazing team of pastors and great teachers shows us how to work through awkward tension, build stronger connections, walk more closely with God and live happier and more productive lives.

Messages include:

  1. Being Patient Like God (Johnnie Moore)
  2. The Two Key Ingredients for Successful Relationships (Emerson Eggerichs)
  3. You Can't Get Closer to God Without Getting Closer to His Children...Even the Ones Who Seem the Farthest Away (Dr. Tim Harlow)
  4. The Secret to Healthy Relationships (Les Parrott)
  5. Loving the Father We Never Knew We Had (Derwin Gray)
  6. The Most Important Word in the Bible (Lance Witt)
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