10 X 10: Multiplying Our Impact

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By: Rick Warren

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Delivered on 06/24/2007

Pastor Rick unveils Saddleback Church's 10 x 10 Plan to impact our region locally through three goals, and to impact the world through P.E.A.C.E. 2.0.

  • 10,000 more changed lives resulting in 10,000 more baptisms at Saddleback
  • 10,000 more small groups formed across Southern California
  • 10 new Saddleback congregations across the region

This five-week sermon series consist of the following parts:

  1. How Your Life Can Impact Others
  2. When You Feel Like Giving Up
  3. The Lessons of Saddleback
  4. Defeating Your Worst Fears
  5. Our Plan to Impact the World