Building Great Relationships

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By: Rick Warren

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Delivered on 3/24/1991

This is a series to deepen fellowship, taught by Rick Warren, and based on 1 Corinthians 13. In it Pastor Rick teaches the ten qualities that guarantee satisfying relationships, the greatest of which is love. He looks at verses 4-7 in this chapter as he teaches on patience, kindness, envy, pride, respect, anger, resentment, telling the truth, and the secrets of lasting love.

Messages include:

  1. Life's Greatest Aim
  2. The Power of Patience
  3. Bringing Out the Best In Others
  4. Reducing Rivalry In Relationships
  5. Getting Ego Out of the Way
  6. How to Give and Get Respect
  7. How to Manage Your Anger
  8. Recovering From Resentment
  9. Telling the Truth to Each Other
  10. The Habits of a Loving Heart