Confronting Our Culture

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By: Rick Warren

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Delivered on 9/16/1990

Pastor Rick looks at the three temptations common to mankind in this series that looks at the three greatest values for most people—pleasure, possession, and position. He looks at the story of Samson from Judges 14 as way to teach the three things that will weaken our lives and how we can overcome them. He looks at the powerful influence of television in our culture and how we can control it’s influence in our lives. He looks at the dangers of making pleasure our greatest pursuit in life and follows with a message on how to break the grip of materialism. He teaches on the solution to self-centeredness and the importance of giving our lives away in ministry.

Messages include:

  1. Maintaining Your Spiritual Strength
  2. How to Outsmart Your TV
  3. Trivial Pursuit
  4. Escaping Materialism
  5. The Solution to Self-Centeredness
  6. How In the World Will We Live