Financial Fitness Study Kit

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By: Rick Warren

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Are you upside down on your mortgage? Deep in debt? Struggling to make ends meet? You are not alone! Poor money management is an American epidemic, claiming millions of households. There IS a way out. Discover what the Bible says about money, including godly tips on how to give, save, invest, and spend.

In this 5-session video study, Pastor Rick Warren shares the biblical principles of money management. Learn how to align your finances with God's teachings through these five sessions:

  • Session 1: Seven Laws for Financial Freedom (27:57)
  • Session 2: The Law of Contentment (31:09)
  • Session 3: The Laws of Sowing and Reaping (34:55)
  • Session 4: The Habits of Financial Health (28:35)
  • Session 5: Where Best to Invest (24:46)

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