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Delivered on 4/23/1995

God's ideal for our relationships, married or not, is harmony, intimacy (love), and unity (one mind). But, the reality of today's relationships involves disharmony, conflict, and disappointment. In this series, Pastor Rick looks at the six secrets of a satisfying marriage and then God's design for the family in a great Mother's Day message. He also uses the story of the fall of man in Genesis 3:1-19 in a message on defusing the fears that ruin relationships; he looks at how to handle anger in our homes; and he teaches us how to avoid a financial collapse. Our teaching team also looks at resolving conflicts, overcoming incompatibility in marriage, and what elements make a healthy family.

Messages include:

  1. Six Secrets of a Satisfying Marriage (Rick Warren)
  2. How to Resolve Conflict (Tom Holladay)
  3. Overcoming Incompatibility In Marriage (Arch and Kathleen Hart)
  4. What's a Family For? (Rick Warren)
  5. Defusing Fears In Relationships (Rick Warren)
  6. Handling Anger In Your Home (Kay Warren)
  7. Elements of a Healthy Family (Doug Fields)
  8. Avoiding a Financial Collapse (Rick Warren)