How to Get Through What You're Going Through

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By: Rick Warren and Kay Warren

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In their return to Saddleback Church after the death of their son, Pastor Rick and Kay share the very personal story of Matthew and his battle with mental illness. They explore the stages of loss that they are walking through with honesty and transparency, teaching us how to do the same in the tough and tragic times of our lives, and reminding us that through it all, God is with us and loves us.

Messages include:

  1. Introduction: How We're Getting Through
  2. Shock: When Your World Collapses
  3. Sorrow: Getting Through Life's Losses
  4. Struggle: When Life Makes No Sense
  5. Surrender: The Path to Peace
  6. Sanctification: Transformed By Trouble
  7. Sanctification: Finding Treasure In Darkness
  8. Service: Never Waste Your Pain

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