Living God's Way

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Delivered on 1/23/1994

Through this series based on the book of 1 Peter, we discover what it means to live God's way and learn how it can drastically change the way both brand new and mature Christians live. Pastor Rick reminds us of the incredibly good news we should remember when we're discouraged and how we should live as part of God's family.

Messages include:

  1. Good News for Discouraged Believers (Rick Warren)
  2. Choosing to Be Different (Doug Fields)
  3. Who Do You Think You Are? (Rick Warren)
  4. Your Integrity and Your Influence (Rick Warren)
  5. How to Be Unselfish (Tom Holladay)
  6. Defusing Conflict In Relationships (Rick and Kay Warren)
  7. Sharing Your Hope (Greg Lafferty)
  8. Healing Your Hidden Wounds (Rick Warren)
  9. What to do When Your Faith's On Trial (Rick Warren)
  10. A Significant Life (Rick Warren)