Restoring Your Passion

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By: Rick Warren

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Part 1 of the series Reenergizing Your Life

Pastor Rick Warren begins this new series called Reenergizing Your Life with the conviction that passion is what energizes life, that God made us to live a passionate, vital, vibrant life. In this message, Pastor Rick reveals the eight "passion killers" from the Bible; emotional, relational and spiritual. A lack of purpose in life or overwork, even Christian service, will sap the passion out of our lives. Unresolved conflicts or neglecting our relationships with others will steal our energy and enthusiasm. And spiritually, if we don't take the time to be quiet and let God speak to us, spend time every day in his Word, make every effort to apply it to our lives, and allow Him to express His message through us we will lose our God-given passion. Pastor Rick offers the antidote to a loss of enthusiasm and vitality to believers in this message.