The Secrets of a Satisfying Marriage

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By: Rick Warren and Kay Warren

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Delivered on 4/15/1990

This is by far Pastor Rick's most comprehensive series on marriage. It was launched on an Easter Sunday, appropriate because so many marriages need resurrecting and because home is where the power of God is most needed. This great series was taught at Saddleback's weekend service, but would also be a great study for a marriage retreat.

Messages include:

  1. God's Power For Your Marriage
  2. The Greatest Risk You'll Ever Take
  3. Good Marriages Don't Just Happen
  4. How to Get Your Mate to Listen
  5. Restoring Harmony to Your Home
  6. Understanding Your Wife's Deepest Needs
  7. Understanding Your Husband's Deepest Needs
  8. Defusing Anger In Your Marriage
  9. How to Rekindle Your Romance
  10. The Bedroom: Battleground or Playground?
  11. How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage
  12. Surviving Marital Storms

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