The Tabernacle: Living In God's Presence

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By: Kay Warren

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To many people, Old Testament traditions and regulations seem confusing and outdated. They struggle with seeing the relevant and rich content that is found within these books. One such place of confusion is the meaning and significance behind the Tabernacle. Many pass through these passages of scripture missing out on the many pearls of wisdom and insight into our wonderful Lord. Kay Warren explores the deep meaning and significance of the temporary dwelling place God instructed the Israelites to build Him.

Messages include:

  1. A Study of the Tabernacle
  2. Seekers Find Salvation
  3. Sinners Find Salvation
  4. Servants Find Significance
  5. Saints Find Security
  6. Symbolism of Future and Present Salvation

Most importantly, this conference will show you God in a way that you have never seen him before.