When You're Running On Empty

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Delivered on 04/08/2007

Find relief from the stresses of life in this six-week series that spans from Easter to Mother's Day. Discover how Jesus re-energized his followers after his resurrection; how Jesus lightens our loads and manages our stress; the pitfalls of a hurried lifestyle; how to choose "better" over "busy"; how to fill our personal fuel gauges; and practical ways to help mothers.

Messages include:

  1. How Jesus Revitalizes Your Life (Easter) (Rick Warren)
  2. Lightening Your Load (Rick Warren)
  3. Slowing Down (Rick Warren)
  4. Choosing What Matters Most (Doug Fields)
  5. Stopping to Refuel (Doug Fields)
  6. Mother's Day 2007: What Moms Need...and How You Can Help! (Tom Holladay)

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