You Make Me Crazy

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You Make Me Crazy is a 9-part series on surviving relationships God's way. Everyone has "crazymakers" in life, whether its a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, boss, or relative. This series will help bring sanity to your relationships so you can do more than just coexist; you can connect.

Messages include:

  1. Six Keys to Peace in Relationships (Rick Warren)
  2. Who's Pushing Your Buttons? (Rick Warren)
  3. Resolving Conflict (Rick Warren)
  4. Boundaries and Your Relationships (John Townsend)
  5. Finding the Love of Your Life (Rick Warren)
  6. Breaking Free From Abuse (Rick Warren)
  7. Escaping The People-Pleaser Trap (Rick Warren)
  8. The Solution For Religious Crazy Makers: More Jesus, Less Religion (Steve Arterburn)
  9. Keeping Crazymakers From Making You Crazy (Rick Warren)

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