You Make Me Crazy Small Group DVD

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By: Rick Warren

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We all have relationships that drive us crazy. Whether it's a boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, sibling, parent, co-worker, or crazy relative you see once a year at Thanksgiving, a crazy-maker can really make life difficult.

This 6-week video study from Rick Warren will help bring sanity to your relationships so you can do more than just coexist. Learn how to connect with the crazy-makers in your life through these six sessions:

  • Session 1: How to Be Wise in Relationships [25:14]
  • Session 2: Whos Pushing Your Buttons? [24:56]
  • Session 3: How to Resolve Conflict [25:21]
  • Session 4: Breaking Free From Abuse [29:32]
  • Session 5: Escaping the People-Pleaser Trap [23:41]
  • Session 6: Keeping the Crazy-Makers From Making You Crazy [27:26]

Each session includes a 25-minute lesson from Pastor Rick that will help you make the most of these difficult relationships.

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