40 Days of Prayer Elementary Curriculum Lessons 1-3 (Download)

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****Please note, this curriculum includes only Lessons 1-3 of the 40 Days of Prayer Elementary curriculum. For the full campaign experience, please make sure to purchase and download Lessons 4-6 as well.***

40 Days of Prayer is a church-wide campaign that will unite your congregation in prayer. Your people will learn how to pray with more confidence and greater faith than ever before.

This series is meant to teach kids about how we can talk to God through prayer. After participating in this series, kids will learn they can talk to God in prayer and hear from him in their own way. This series is designed to help kids become more confident in praying and help them grow in a deeper relationship with God.

The Elementary curriculum includes:

  • Themed slides and graphics
  • Bible Animations: Each of these shows an example of prayer.
  • Mad Boat Skills: This video combines fun with pastor teaching.
  • Sea Goat Quiz: This animated quiz will reinforce prayer concepts for Elementary Kids.
  • Games, discussion questions and classroom tools intentionally designed to help kids practice prayer

Lesson include:

  • Week 1: Prayer is Talking to God
  • Week 2: Prayer is Having a Relationship with God
  • Week 3: Prayer is Praising and Thanking God
  • Week 4: Prayer is Asking God to Help Myself and Others
  • Week 5: Prayer is Talking . . . and Listening to God
  • Week 6: Prayer is Talking to God When Times are Tough
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