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In this 8-week series, kids will learn about the Beatitudes Jesus expects us to live by. They will understand how "the attitude you use is the attitude you choose" and their attitude is broadcast to others — good or bad! Change a ME Attitude to a BE Attitude when you choose to live by the Beatitudes.

Lessons include:

  1. Dependent

  2. Repentant

  3. Humble

  4. Obedient

  5. Compassionate

  6. Righteous

  7. Peacemaker

  8. Courageous

Elementary Kit contains:

  • 1 DVD of 8 live-action video lessons for Grades 1-6, approximately 10 minutes each

  • 1 Resource CD for Grades 1-2

  • 1 Resource CD for Grades 3-4

  • 1 Resource CD for Grades 5-6

Each CD contains 8 weeks of age-appropriate handouts, PowerPoint slide presentations, artwork and graphics, and activity support materials, and lesson plans (opening activities, icebreaker, song suggestions, object lesson, Bible lesson, recall questions, memory verse activities, game, sharing and discussion time, prayer).

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