John 15 Study Kit

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Great Chapters of the Bible is a video-based small group series that will take your group in a verse-by-verse study through some of the most life-changing truths in God's Word.

Each chapter of the Bible is great because God wrote it all. But there are certain chapters that speak to our hearts and minds in an especially deep way. So each volume in this series goes deep into one chapter to draw out the life change that awaits us in these great passages.

JOHN CHAPTER FIFTEEN: The compassionate clarity of Jesus' teaching in this chapter has the power to radically transform every person in your group. You'll have the opportunity to encourage one another in a new way of living, give strength for facing disappointments, gain refreshing comfort, and give hope for sharing the Good News. As you begin this study, imagine Jesus saying, "Come walk through the vineyard with me, let me show you how to really live!"

  • Session 1: Abiding: How to Get Attached [17:14]

  • Session 2: Pruning: How to Bear Fruit [15:42]

  • Session 3: Living: How to Enjoy Significance [17:38]

  • Session 4: Sharing: How to Show Love [20:23]

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