The Seven Greatest Words of Love Study Kit

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In the final hours of Jesus' life on Earth, he made seven statements as he was dying on the cross. Through his final words, we learn God is holy, sin is ugly, and salvation is costly. Yet out of love, Jesus paid the price.

The Seven Greatest Words of Love each represent an aspect of God's love for you. In this seven-session study you will learn how:

  • You can experience God's grace and forgiveness

  • The promise of Salvation is yours

  • To love like Jesus

  • Jesus paid the penalty for your sins

  • You serve God by serving others

  • Jesus won the victory

  • You can trust your life in God's hands

Sessions Include:

  • Session 1: The Word of Forgiveness [30:58]

  • Session 2: The Word of Assurance [24:45]

  • Session 3: The Word of Love [21:00]

  • Session 4: The Word of Substitution [24:58]

  • Session 5: The Word of Humanity [25:58]

  • Session 6: The Word of Victory [25:34]

  • Session 7: The Word of Trust [25:19]

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